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Leak Detection

A leak with your water pipes, your gas lines, or under your concrete slab can be difficult to detect.  If left undetected, these leaks can seriously increase your water bill or gas bill and can cause other major problems for your home or business.  Our professionally trained plumbing experts can utilize the latest technologies to detect and repair water, gas, and slab leaks.  Call us today at (918) 928-8000 and speak to a professional if you suspect that your home or business might have a leak.

Types of Leaks

  • Water Line Leak 

    • a water line leak can occur in your home, in your yard, or even under your home or business.  If left undetected and without repair, you could sustain serious damage to your home or business and pay extraordinary water bills.
  • Gas Leak 

    • a gas leak can occur near your stove, oven, water heater, in your walls, below your home or business, or in your yard.  A gas leak is a very serious condition and should be repaired immediately for your safety.  If you suspect that you have a gas leak, call us right away and have a trained professional work with you to detect and repair the leak.
  • Slab Leak

    • a slab leak is a water or gas leak which can occur under or within the concrete slab of your home or business.  These types of leaks are generally especially hard to detect and repair because of the location of the leak.  Many home and business owners can go years without noticing a leak until it is too late.  At Action Plumbing, our expert plumbers have the experience and technology to effectively detect and repair leaks under your slab.


There are a number of symptoms you may be noticing that could be a sign of a leak:

  • Higher than normal water bills or gas bills
  • Visible water leaks around floors or walls
  • Damp carpet covering your concrete floor
  • Musty or moldy odors in certain parts of your home or business
  • Faint dripping or "leaky" sounds
  • Periodic smell of natural gas or propane in your home or business


There are a number of reasons for leaks from water or gas lines.  Typically leaks can occur through faulty installation, corrosion of the water or gas lines, shifting of your concrete slab or floor, and many other reasons.  Our plumbers are aware of how these leaks occur and are equipped to locate and repair these problems with precision and expertise.


Action Plumbing employs the latest experts, tools, and technology in pinpointing where leaks are located in your home or business.  Our plumbers service the entire Tulsa area.  Call us today if you believe you may have a leak:  (918) 928-8000.


Since we utilize the latest technologies to pinpoint the leak, our plumbers are able to minimize the intrusion to the yard, floor, walls, or concrete slab when making repairs to the damaged water or gas line.  Once the repairs are complete, we can also work with you to provide complete restoration services.