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Sewer and Drain Service in Tulsa

Action Plumbing has the tools and experts to help get your sewers and drains working again.  Whether you have a stopped up sink, have root problems, or need our professional hydrojetting services, we are here for you.

Fast Same Day Service

We provide emergency response services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  We know that getting your drains unclogged is a serious issue, which deserves serious response.  Call us today at (918) 928-8000 to get someone to your home or business for a complete expert assessment of your drain issue.

Tree Root Intrusion

For most older pipes, tree roots can pose a real problem when they grow into your sewer lines.  When tree roots invade your lines, you need experts from Action Plumbing to evaluate the problem and use our specialized technology to quickly remove the roots and ensure they never come back.

Hydrojetting Professionals

At Action Plumbing, we've invested in the latest hi-pressure water jetting systems to blast away years of corrosion, gunk, debris, and other blockages.  Using this latest technology, we can inject hoses throughout your drain systems and pump water through specialized jets to clean your lines.

New Pipes and Repair

If your sewer line is in serious condition, let Action Plumbing provide an estimate on repair or replacement of your lines.  By repairing or replacing your lines you can ensure years of trouble-free services.  We guarantee our work, and we've been providing services in the Tulsa area for over 40 years.